Pensacola News Journal Questionnaire


 Submitted by David Mayo for the Pensacola News Journal

1. How regularly do you plan to attend City Council meetings? 

I plan to attend every meeting, not out of obligation but because I desire to do so. It will be one more way I will be able to work alongside the City Council and more importantly listen and engage with our citizens. 


2. What are the top 2 or 3 things you intend to accomplish in your first 100 days as mayor? 

1. Bruce Beach will be cleared of debris and the design phase for a public access park will be in motion. 

2. Street Light needs will have been assessed and begin installing where needed most. A min. of 30 will be installed by 100 days with many more coming soon after. 

3. A No Solicitation Ordinance will be before the Council to reduce panhandling (similar to the one in Gulf Breeze). 

4. Adopt by reference the FDOT 2017 Complete Streets Handbook. 

5. Several meetings with Chief Lyter and community leaders will have transpired to see how we can reduce crime even further. Methods to build better trust between officers and residents will be implemented. 


3. Do you feel there is adequate oversight of city council? 

The best oversight are the citizens especially at ballot box. Also, since Council meetings often go into the late hours of the night with so many agenda items, it’s worth considering having two Council meetings a month making them shorter and enabling more citizen participation/oversight. 


4. Of the 18 boards sanctioned in the city, are there any that you feel need to be addressed? Why? 

There are numerous city boards, some are statutorily required and some are not. There is a definite need to review the existing boards and combine or adjust to make them more efficient and impactful. The number of boards also require a large number of citizens to participate which is good, but it’s getting more difficult to find volunteer to staff these boards. It is a pleasure of mine to serve on the Parks & Recreation Board for 12+ years and now also Chair the Bicycle Advisory Committee. 


5. What proposals do you have for tightening up ethics rules for both elected officials and top city employees. Be specific. 

The City of Pensacola recently adopted a decent Ethical Standards Policy on January 24, 2018. It requires all City employees to comply with the Florida State Statute Section 112.213. 

In Section IV of the City’s new Ethical Standards Policy it states the “Citizens Rights To Ethical Conduct” is to receive from City Staff ( 1) Clear Communication (2) Prompt Responses (3) Fair and Equal Treatment and (4) Follow Through. However, the problem is the Policy does not state an office/department/ or staff person designated to insure compliance of these “citizen rights”. As Mayor, this will be a priority to make sure these rights are honored. 

Matthew Weits